Freelance Bahraini journalist, and current Erasmus Mundus student expected to earn a Masters degree in Journalism, Media and Globalisation in 2016. The first and only participant from the Gulf region to ever take part in the Erasmus Mundus program.

I come from a family of human rights defenders and rights advocates. Born and raised in Bahrain where freedom of press and democracy are almost nonexistent, I decided to move to the United Stated to pursue an education in journalism.

I earned my BA in journalism with focus on broadcast from DePaul University in Chicago. I volunteered as a news writer and anchor at Radio DePaul, and successfully completed three internships at the largest stations in Chicago, WBBM News Radio (CBS), WGN TV (Tribune Company), and WBBM TV (CBS) respectively.

Upon graduation I moved to Washington D.C. the hub of news and politics where my passion lies. I worked for small production companies as a one-man-band before I finally joined the current affairs department at Al Hurra TV. I was promoted from a production assistant to an associate producer in less than two years, and left three year later to pursue higher education.

My ultimate dream is to change the way media functions in the Middle East, and use it to empower people rather than governments. My career aspiration is to be a field reporter covering breaking news, and social and human rights issues around the world. My long term goals are to establish a journalism institution that to teach and provide professional training for future journalists, as well as produce independent news. Media is to be used as a tool for political and social change and development.


In the media: 

Bahrain in Focus – Front page of Erasmus Mundus Journalism website

“The Peaceful Rebel” – Jutland Station



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