Bahrain: Why are Women Playing a Marginal Role in Politics

We Need Your Help Bahrain.

A colleague of mine, Anne Koopman, and I are working on an analytical piece that looks in to the reasons why women in Bahrain are still marginalized in the political scene. Since 2002 when the electoral experience came back to life in Bahrain, both men and women had the right to vote and run for elections, yet the female presence was still low.

Despite a little bit of increase over the years, and we now see a few females in the House of Representatives (lower house of the parliament and the Shura Council (upper house of the parliament), many consider this to still be a low number given Bahrain’s history with women’s associations and the fight for rights.

We have talked to several women in the political scene, some parties, women’s associations, but we want to hear from the people. We want to know how the every day life is for a woman, and what are the challenges that hinders her participation and success in reaching senior executive positions.

We have put together a very short survey to get the perspectives of both Bahraini men and women. This will help reflect our research on the reality in Bahrain and confirm that we’re understanding the issues as they are.

This is the link, it will take you less than 2 minutes to complete it.

// Answer five questions on this link

Thank you and we appreciate your contribution.

Stay tuned for the final article

Faten & Anne


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